November 3, 2022

How a Skincare Brand Hired a Content Writer for $900/ month

Want to know how our clients utilize Remotely to hire top Indian talent? Read on.

Note from the editor’s desk: 

We respect everyone's privacy and some clients prefer not to be named, so we’ve purposefully removed the company name in this article. 

About the client’s business:

Our client specializes in skin care products formulated with the perfect blend of science & nature. They are LIVE on about twenty marketplaces including their website, Amazon, Myntra, and so on.

The role & candidate we hired for the client:

They were looking for a qualified candidate with a good hold over English to manage and curate content for all their platforms. For this, Remotely brought Bithika onboard.

Now their Content Writer, Bithika does the following tasks:

  • Write content for their website & marketplaces
  • Write scripts for digital and performance marketing campaigns 
  • Write blogs for their website and social media channels
  • Curate social media content & strategies for the client

The salary that the candidate was hired at:

Bithika now works full-time in the client time zone for $900 per month.

The candidate’s background before being hired:

Before hiring via Remotely, Bithika had more than four years of relevant experience as a Content & Copywriter. She strategized content for social media, and websites and also contributed to scripts for various brands. She is proven to be hardworking, easy to work with, and a good team player. 

Need to hire someone in a similar role too?

When you need to hire an efficient Content Writer to escalate your business with words and beyond, reach out to us at Remotely.

We're a talent acquisition agency that helps businesses hire top Indian talent for 80% less than US equivalents. We help companies find talent in various roles like customer support, virtual assistants, operations, project managers, creatives, development, accounting, and more!

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