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Accelerate innovation with vetted technical talent all while saving up to 70% in payroll costs.
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Do you know you can hire remote candidates that...

  • Have amazing technical skills & experience as per the job's role.
  • Work in the same time zone as your company.
  • Reduce your brand's payroll costs by about 70%
  • Speak fluent English and fit in culturally
Hire full-time remote employees

...but it is hard to find great talent remotely.

Technology Entrepreneur
James Goodman
Technology Entrepreneur
Even after listing on so many remote job boards and using remote freelancing platforms the talent we got was subpar, expensive, and never stayed longer than a few months, this all changed when we started working with Recruited and its amazing team.
Hiring Overseas Employees Virtually

That's why brands use us to find them, great hires.

  • We have a local in-house team of specialized tech recruiters.
  • We deploy a 5-step testing process to asses candidates before submitting CVs to you.
  • India is home to millions of talented remote workers
  • Brands have leveraged our bandwidth to grow their remote teams from 1 to 30 in a few months.
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Working with us is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Our technology recruiters work behind the scenes to find you the best in India
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You speak with us and give us roles you want to hire full-time, long term contractors for

We curate the perfect fit for you

We begin our screening process. We'll interview and screen until we find 3 candidates that are perfect for your job.

You interview and hire

Once we're sure, we'll present you with three candidates and line up your interviews with them.

Don't only take our word for it!

Entrepreneurs and technology leaders across industries have found success recruiting remote candidates through us.
Success Stories
SaaS Brand
James Hillier
SaaS Brand
We were able to transform our design and project management process by hiring great designers and project managers through Recruited
Software Development Agency
Stacey Fortesque
Software Development Agency
We hire amazing IOS and Android developers for our app development studio, it's been a great experience.
Fintech Startup
Craig Garner
Fintech Startup
I got referred to Recruited by a friend who had hired ruby on rails developers through them, Remotely did an equally good job for python developers for us.
E-Commerce Brand
Leanne Smith
E-Commerce Brand
Running our Shopify store for our beauty brand was challenging as we were growing fast, Remotely helped us hire great Shopify developers and graphic designers for our brand so we were able to launch our new website as per our scheduled time.
Our Process

How do we select India's top remote candidate?

  • Manual screening & soft skills

    Manual screening & soft skills

    We manually assess answers for remote work compatibility, English proficiency, and soft skills.
  • Technical assessments & hard skills

    Technical assessments & hard skills

    Extensive evaluation of technical skills and logic during a 1-hour interview with a senior developer.
  • Remote setup & ID verification

    Remote setup & ID verification

    We check the candidate's remote setup including their systems, and internet speed while also background checking their identity.

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“Speaking with the team at Recruited put me at ease, they helped me hire an amazing front-end developer, and now I have hired a team of seven through them.”
Bruce Altig
Client Testimonial